24/7 Emergency Heating & Air Conditioning Services

Come home to a freezing cold house? Our trusted HVAC company provides 24/7 emergency heating and air conditioning repairs in the Ipswich, Massachusetts area. We are extensively trained to repair most types and brands of residential heating and air conditioning systems, so we can tackle the problem and get it fixed quickly.

Rescue Force is your local Ipswich HVAC company who provides repairs, maintenance, installations, replacements, and indoor air quality solutions.

Our heating contractors have been through comprehensive training in order to meet your every service need. We offer repairs and installations of most heating and cooling systems, including gas and oil furnaces, heat pumps, central air conditioners, water heaters, and hot water heating systems.

We can also help you remove an existing HVAC system or upgrade to the latest energy-efficient equipment for energy savings.

WHAT YOUR neighbors in Ipswich, MA HAVE said...

Most excellent experience this week with Doug and Andrew of Rescue Force. They replaced our old, corroded, ductless split AC / heat unit with a new one. They tested everything most thoroughly, made adjustments, kept us informed, and now we are sitting in a very cool home.
Lisa Schoelles
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Heating Installation & Repairs

Get expert service from our trusted Ipswich heating contractors when you need heating repairs, installation, and maintenance services. You can count on receiving honest service, quality workmanship, and the highest level of customer care from a highly skilled HVAC contractor.

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Heating Repairs

Our heating contractors will always be available to help you with heating repairs in the Ipswich, Boxford, Salem, and Newbury areas. Don't get stuck in a freezing cold house, call us anytime for our 24/7 emergency repair service.

heating installation

Heating Installation

Need to convert to an energy-efficient heating system or replace your old one? Our heating contractors provide expert installation and replacement services for gas, oil, electric, forced air, baseboard, steam, and hot water heating systems.

heat pumps

Heat Pumps

We repair just about any type of heating equipment, so take advantage of our expertise in heat pumps today. Our heating contractors are able to service, repair, and install a wide variety of heat pump brands for your home in Ipswich.

water heater

Water Heaters

With our connection to high-efficiency water heaters, you will have many choices in energy saving water heaters if it's time to replace the old one or you need a new installation. Our emergency water heater repair service is also available.

baseboard heating

Baseboard Heating

Our heating contractors are trained to repair a wide variety of baseboard heaters. Whether your baseboard heating equipment is fueled by gas, oil, or water, you count on our experts for heating repairs, replacement, and installation.

What another one of your neighbours In IPSWICH, MA said...

They take pride in their work and it shows. You wont be disappointed. I had Doug and Andrew install a mini-split air conditioning system. I couldn't be happier. It came out perfect. I plan on having them over again to do routine service on my furnace and air conditioning system.
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Air Conditioning Installation & Repairs

Whether you need help with AC repairs, are looking for an energy-efficient replacement, or need a specialist in ductless mini-splits, our air conditioning company has you covered. As your trusted local HVAC company, we offer our air conditioning services throughout the Ipswich, Boxford, Salem, and Newbury areas of Massachusetts.

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air conditioning repairs

Air Conditioning Repairs

As skilled specialists in AC repairs, we comprehensively service, repair, and replace most makes and models of air conditioners. We provide 24/7 emergency air conditioning repairs in Ipswich, Boxford, Salem, and Newbury areas.

air conditioning installation

Air Conditioning Installation & Replacements

If your air conditioner is hemorrhaging energy or costing a lot in repairs, you need help from a reliable AC installation expert to resolve the problem. We install energy-efficient air conditioners from well-known manufacturers.

ductless mini split ac

Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioning Units

Looking for a specialist in ductless mini-split air conditioning? Whether it's emergency repairs, new installation, or a replacement, you can always count our HVAC contractors for service excellence in ductless mini-splits.

what Another one of your neighbors in Ipswich, MA said...

When you need heating or AC service don't bother with big companies. Just contact Doug. Fast, and very honest. Had very poor experience with another company. They tried to sell me an entire new system. I contacted Rescue Force for a second opinion, and Doug assured me the repair was minor and system was fine.
Chas Bogey
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Energy Saving Solutions

If you are looking for energy saving solutions for your HVAC system and home comfort, we can help. There are many ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home. One of which is to install an energy-efficient HVAC system or get expert diagnostics from a heating contractor like us.

Rescue Force specializes in installing high-efficiency upgrades, add-ons, and replacements to help homeowners enjoy energy savings. If your heating and air conditioning system is hogging energy, we can recommend the best course of action.

Call us for expert HVAC diagnostic service in Ipswich, Boxford, Salem, Newbury, or the surrounding areas. We provide free energy saving estimates, so take advantage today!

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hvac diagnostics

HVAC Diagnostics

Our heating contractors can diagnose where your heating and air conditioning equipment may be wasting energy. We are equipped with the latest tools and have been extensively trained in HVAC diagnostics so we will provide an accurate service that really can improve your home's energy efficiency.

energy efficient hvac system

Energy Efficient HVAC Systems

Did you know you could be saving up to 35% of your total heating and cooling costs each month if you install an energy-efficient HVAC system? Our heating contractors can help you with the right installation. We may also be able to improve your existing equipment with an energy saving upgrade.

what Another one of your neighbors in Ipswich, MA said...

Had a minor issue one Saturday evening around 7pm, I called them and Doug came out personally within an hour.  He fixed my problem, explained it, and we had the heating system in the house working by 9pm.
Alison Phelan
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Additional Services

Rescue Force is much more than just your average heating and air conditioning company — we're the experts you can trust when it comes to any of your HVAC problems. Learn about more of our additional services below: 

indoor air quality upgrade

Indoor Air Quality Upgrades

Protect the health of you and your family by improving your air quality.

free hvac replacement estimate

Free Replacement Estimates

Wondering about how much a replacement would cost? We’ll give you an honest assessment.

duct cleaning

Duct Cleaning

Stop breathing in dust and allergens every day with a professional duct cleaning.

dryer vent cleaning

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Remove the risk of dryer fires and protect your home with a thorough dryer vent cleaning.

trade referral services

Other Trade Referral Services

Need help finding another skilled tradesperson? We can connect you to the perfect provider for your specific need.

we guarantee our hvac services
Work Satisfaction Guaranteed!
At Rescue Force, we stand by our HVAC work. We offer a 60-day repair guarantee and a 1-year 100% complete guarantee on new systems. We also offer a 2-year one call guarantee if you are on our protection plan services. With Rescue Force, you get peace of mind knowing your heating and air conditioning is taken care of and that you'll never feel stranded without air conditioning or heating in your home.
about rescue force

Why Customers Trust Rescue Force

For the Ipswich, MA area, there is no better choice than the professional heating and air conditioning contractors at Rescue Force. We know and understand that your home should be a place of comfort, and we want to help return it to you in that condition.

Rescue Force is your one-stop shop for all your heating, air conditioning, and indoor air quality needs. Our Ipswich HVAC company began in 2014 when our founder, Doug Wilkins, realized there was a lack of great customer care in the heating and cooling industry. We’re an owner-operated company that gives you access to the owner at all times throughout your project.

We work hard and train hard to fulfill the needs of every customer and provide the highest level of customer care. Our heating contractors have many certifications in the field, and we are constantly striving to improve our knowledge about the latest technologies in HVAC systems and diagnostic tools.

Formerly known as Wilkins Heating and Cooling, please read below as to why we changed our name and rebranded to be Rescue Force Heating & Air!

Rescue Force is a HCP superpro Rescue Force is an elite service on homeadvisorRescue Force is top rated on home advisorRescue Force is screened & approved by homeadvisor
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Why we changed our name from Wilkins Heating and Cooling to Rescue Force Heating & Air
As we grew, we realized we needed to make some changes to better serve our customers. We have made new hires and put new systems in place that allow for better customer communication and support. We thought this was a great time to revamp our entire business with a new name that we think suits us as a company!
Our new name is just that, a new name. We still offer the same award winning service you are used to. We are just now able to offer better communication through the entire process. Thanks you for your time and continuing support!
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